About Deelkracht

United under the name Deelkracht, researchers, healthcare professionals and experience experts from 16 organisations collaborate in multiple projects with one single goal: a society that is accessible for those with sensory disabilities.

Deelkracht develops the knowledge that helps to improve healthcare and support for people who are deaf or hearing impaired, people with a developmental language disorder (DLD), people with deafblindness  and people with multiple communicative disabilities (MCD).

Deelkracht then converts the knowledge into solutions that can be used every day in health care, education and daily life, so that everyone can participate.

The name Deelkracht is a combination of the Dutch words for sharing and for strength. The 16 organisations and the people collaborating in Deelkracht feel that sharing knowledge makes the whole stronger.

International products

Deelkracht is a Dutch initiative. However, some information is also made available in other languages. Those products are listed below.